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Apta Health was built with every user in mind. From doctors, to brokers, members, and employers, we have built industry-leading programs to help re-shape healthcare as we know it.  

We offer benefits, that were historically only offered to Fortune 500 companies, to mid-market employers. By leveraging our best-in-class Guided Healthcare programs, we offer solutions that fit the needs of companies looking to make the switch to high-performance benefit plans. Anyone looking for better benefits at a lower cost should consider Apta Health. 


Care Coordination from Apta Health offers employers and members a more compassionate healthcare experience, proactively managing member needs with industry-leading customer service, a straightforward and engaging plan design, and patient advocacy in real time. By combining world-class care coordination with a comprehensive self-funded solution, Apta Health reduces costs, creates stability, and provides a healthcare plan that genuinely cares for its members.


Apta Cash can help you save on your medical expenses by choosing vetted, high-quality, medical providers who offer affordable, discounted cash prices for their services. Not only does paying cash cut the need for time consuming administrative work, but providers are paid much quicker using Apta Cash. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Insurance captives are a type of self-funded plan designed to bring together like-minded business owners who want to have more control over their healthcare spending. By pooling health insurance claims costs, companies can manage their collective spending while reducing traditional stop-loss premiums. The main goal of a captive is to control claim costs by combining with other like-minded employer groups.

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