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Apta Health, a leader in self-funded healthcare plans, was awarded a Health Value Award by Validation Institute for excellence in the field of care coordination. Health Value Award candidates complete a lengthy and rigorous application process and participate in an in-depth evaluation to ensure the accuracy of performance claims.

“Participating in the Health Value Awards demonstrates healthcare companies and providers are not only committed to providing high-quality, value-based healthcare, but are ready to lead the industry in a new, exciting, and necessary direction,” said RD Whitney, CEO of Validation Institute.

Apta's turn-key solution pairs care coordination with fully vetted third-party administrators, prescription benefit managers, stop-loss, data analytics, and other cost-saving point solutions.  Plan members’ phone calls are routed through a trained and dedicated care coordinator. By having a single number to call, patients easily receive guidance and answers they need.

Apta Health’s validated results show that 80% of members are engaged at the time of service which greatly affects their ability to influence utilization and program effectiveness. 60% of Apta Health members engage with care coordinators on a regular basis. For patients with healthcare costs greater than $10,000, engagement rises to 95%.

In addition to member engagement, Apta Health customers saw significant savings compared to their fully insured peers in the mid-market space. “A lot of the excessive costs in the system are driven by wasteful spending. Our mission is not to prevent members from using their benefits, but to ensure they use their benefits effectively,” said Michael Poelman, President of Apta Health, “We emphasize real-time navigation to validated programs in order to prevent confusion, duplication, and re-admission.” Employers on the Apta Health program can expect to save an average of $960 per employee per year, with an average Rx savings of $330 (claims and rebates) per employee per year.

“The reality is, there is still a lot of opportunities to bring significant savings and changes to the way mid-market employers utilize health programs,” said Poelman, “and we are really excited about the role that Apta Health will play in defining that future.”

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