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There’s no doubt that the current state of healthcare is fragmented and confusing. Insurance premiums continue to go up, and carriers continue to profit. Research shows that 24% of physician services are duplicated, meaning wasted spending and redundant care. What’s more, 50% of patients say they are confused about their own health plans.


The future of healthcare is looking more uncertain, and mid-sized companies are increasingly seeking to contain their spiraling employee health bills and provide their members with a better experience. One option is to break free from traditional, fully funded healthcare companies and pay for individual employee health claims yourself — also known as "self-funding.”


Yet, cost savings alone doesn’t solve the whole problem. For a happier, healthier workforce, you need coordinated care solutions.


That’s where Apta Health comes in.


Our revolutionary approach to healthcare prioritizes both the employer and the employee by putting care coordination at the heart of our self-funded solution. We believe that care coordination is the most impactful development in modern healthcare, today, and an essential factor in shifting the trend of wasteful spending. This proven methodology is the key to driving behavior change. Coupled with our unrivaled, easy-to-adopt self-funded program, we offer the last healthcare program you will ever need.

Here are a few reasons our clients choose to work with us:

We make self-funding easy. Our expert team has perfectly packaged a comprehensive care program that combines care coordination, third party administration, tailored stop loss coverage, and prescription benefits management, as well as proven cost-containment strategies.

We bring Fortune 500 solutions to the mid-market. You don’t have to employ thousands of people in order to take advantage of the best solutions in healthcare. Through Apta Health’s proprietary contracts and partnerships with top vendors around the nation, we are able to provide cutting-edge benefits to employer groups with 100-1,000 employee lives.

We’re grounded in consumer research. We developed our model only after spending over a decade listening to employees, employer groups, and providers. Now, we can deliver a program that not only cuts costs, but takes care of members and employers with the solutions they’ve been asking for all along.

We believe in doing the right thing. Other solutions in the mid-market sector achieve savings by passing more costs on members through increased deductibles and coinsurance, or putting the burden on providers. Instead, Apta Health helps members stay engaged by guiding them through important health decisions, cutting costs for employers at the same time.

We know that, in the constantly changing healthcare market, it can be challenging to find a program that fits your needs. That’s why Apta Health is committed to helping you select and make the most of your health benefit program. With core values of transparency, independence, and expertise, we empower companies and their employees to improve their quality of care and reduce wasteful spending.

In short, we help our customers think about healthcare in a new way and take control of their future.



Apta Health is the first company of its kind to offer self-funding and care coordination to mid-size employers!

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Helping you choose high-quality care providers, balancing costs, and advocating for you!

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