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At Apta Health, we have created the last healthcare program you will ever need.

insurance benefits for employees

In the current healthcare system, consumers struggle to navigate a mire of perplexing options. From providers who overcharge, to frustrating hidden fees, to unhealthy workforces driving up costs, the system is broken and confusing. As insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and uncertainty clouds the future, mid-sized companies are increasingly looking to contain their rising employee healthcare bills.

Apta Health has the solution. As the first fully-integrated, mid-market guided healthcare model, our mission is to build a better healthcare system from the ground up. Our team of experts has perfectly packaged the best-of-the-best benefit program to revolutionize your group healthcare plan without the burden of traditional year-over-year premium increases. We help employers bend the trend of rising healthcare costs through:

  • Expert guidance

  • Industry-leading Guided Healthcare

  • Proven cost containment options

In fact, our clients see an immediate reduction in their total costs within their first year with Apta Health, and an average 20% cost reduction by year three.


The best part? You no longer have to choose between providing a benefits program and controlling costs. Now, you can provide your employees with the best benefits program possible without paying an arm and a leg.

Apta Health is the first turnkey care program that makes self-funding simple while delivering cost-saving results. Through Apta’s pillars of guided healthcare, superior cost containment, and patient advocacy measures, we help you tailor your results to your employees’ overall well-being and your company’s future success.


We incorporate guided healthcare principles into our self-funded model to change behavior and create a new, more compassionate member-centered world of healthcare in which your employees will thrive. As part of this model, our guided healthcare team members proactively manage member needs in real-time by:

  • Providing first-line customer service for every component of your health plan

  • Ensuring members get the most out of their plan benefits

  • Having one number to call, with helpful patient advocates on the other end


Apta Health is a tight-knit team dedicated to changing the face of the healthcare system. We are based in Colorado and built upon key fundamental values that guide us in our interactions with our clients, associates, and community. Our values include excellence in what we do; initiative and accountability; passion and teamwork; and honest communication. Learn more about Our Team.

We often hear our clients say, “Finally, someone is on my side!” We make it our priority to build trust, share our expertise, and walk with our members throughout the entire healthcare journey. After all, we believe in doing the right thing for both the member and the employer with a program that cuts costs and takes care of members at the same time.

That’s the Apta Health way.

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