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benefits for mid-sized employers

With decades of combined experience, we have leveraged industry experts to build something that is truly unique in the healthcare market. Our specialty is working with brokers to share our knowledge of self-funding and make the journey easier for you and your clients. We become the back office for the entire self-funding process. Covering everything from signing contracts to implementation. Working with us allows you to more easily offer self-funded programs, deliver cost-saving programs to your clients, and be a part of constant innovation.  


When it comes to the current healthcare system, employers may often feel confused and uncertain about the future of healthcare benefits for their employees. Employer groups find themselves with limited budgets and growing doubt, causing them to lean on the expertise of their health insurance broker to deliver the most affordable, effective options.

This desire to find new, “best of breed” healthcare packages, along with the growing cost and complexity of healthcare, can make it difficult for brokers to differentiate themselves and present progressive, cost-saving solutions. Apta Health solves this problem by providing brokers with a superior alternative to the traditional healthcare model.

Apta Health is a turnkey solution for bringing self-funding, care coordination, and top-tier healthcare vendors all under one umbrella. This progressive program drives employer costs down and creates better results for members while helping brokers stand apart from the crowd.

With Apta Health, broker partners seeking better options for their clients can:

  • Easily offer a self-funded program

  • Better serve customers with care coordination

  • Deliver a cost-saving health benefit plan

  • Stay cutting-edge and relevant

  • Grow your business portfolios

self-funded for mid-zized employers
  • Do I need a broker to start using Apta Health?
    You do need a broker to start working with Apta Health. The good news is - we have partnered with the best-in-class brokers in the industry and can put you in touch with one of our preferred broker partners.
  • What if I want a more specialized program to fit my population’s needs?
    Apta Health offers unique healthcare programs that can be custom fit for any employer group. We offer highly vetted programs that can be added for great cost-savings and more flexibility. A few of these include Cash-Pay, Captives, and Prescription Benefits. Contact us today so we can help build a program together.
  • I have a small company; can I still do self-funded insurance?
    The minimum company size we work with is 75 employees. Apta Health offers different programs to help transition from traditional fully insurance plans to self-funded.
  • How can I save money by moving to a self-funded plan?
    You can think of traditional health plans as charging you for an entire pie, whether you eat the whole thing or not. While self-funded plans only charge for the slices you eat. Self-funded plans cut through inflated health premiums and are built to meet your population’s needs. Additionally, to mitigate full-responsibility of financial risk against catastrophic claims, we also supply stop-loss insurance.
  • What is stop-loss insurance?
    Stop-loss insurance is a safety net to protect employers against outrageous claims costs when using a self-funding plan. There are two types of stop-loss insurance: Specific Stop-Loss — Coverage in case of catastrophic claims. This policy prevents any individual claim from exceeding an acceptable amount outlined in the healthcare plan, and limits financial exposure to any one individual. Aggregate Stop-Loss — Protects against a higher-than-average frequency of claims. Caps financial liability for the whole group if total claims exceed an agreed-upon amount.
  • How do brokers get involved?
    With Apta Health, broker partners seeking better options for their clients can: · Easily offer a self-funded program · Better serve customers with care coordination · Deliver a cost-saving health benefit plan · Stay innovative and relevant · Grow your business portfolios Contact us today to become a broker partner.

The Apta Health program continues to deliver an exceptional member experience in addition to substantial savings year-over-year. We are proud of the results we have obtained for our membership and the impact we have made in the market as we deliver cutting-edge solutions that transform the health benefits space.


Contact us today to start your healthcare savings.

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