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With decades of joint experience, we have used industry experts to unbundle the complexity of self-funding and have brought you turnkey, cost-saving programs. 

Benefits of working with Apta Health:

  • Proven cost-savings.

  • Innovative point solutions.

  • Access to industry experts.

  • 94% customer satisfaction after the first year.

  • Average of $410,673 in savings after two years.

  • Cutting through inflated healthcare costs.

  • Member-centric experience.

  • World-class customer experience


“It’s good to know that there is someone out there who truly cares and that we are not just another number”

“This is so helpful. Thank you for providing such an important service.”

“I wanted to send you a quick note because I had my first call with Apta Care this week, and they were FANTASTIC! I had several different questions, and one person was able to help answer all of them, and she was incredibly engaged and empathetic. I have had phone calls with so many different insurance companies over the years and this was the first one I walked away from feeling like I’d actually been taken care of and helped. I really appreciate that we went with this plan. Thank you!”

“Love having the coordinator work on my behalf to navigate a frustrating health system that we have in our country.”

“Thank you so much for helping out. If I could hug you over the phone I would.”

“I was having difficulty getting to the doctor’s office and the online pharmacy to communicate with one another. The Care Coordinator not only contacted both and made sure the prescription was sent to the pharmacy, he made extra calls to make sure the prescription was received by the pharmacy and acted upon. While there were long waits on the phone for me as he did all this checking, I appreciated his extra thoughtfulness and attention to detail.”

benefits plan
  • Do I need a broker to start using Apta Health?
    You do need a broker to start working with Apta Health. The good news is - we have partnered with the best-in-class brokers in the industry and can put you in touch with one of our preferred broker partners.
  • What if I want a more specialized program to fit my population’s needs?
    Apta Health offers unique healthcare programs that can be custom fit for any employer group. We offer highly vetted programs that can be added for great cost-savings and more flexibility. A few of these include Cash-Pay, Captives, and Prescription Benefits. Contact us today so we can help build a program together.
  • I have a small company; can I still do self-funded insurance?
    The minimum company size we work with is 75 employees. Apta Health offers different programs to help transition from traditional fully insurance plans to self-funded.
  • How can I save money by moving to a self-funded plan?
    You can think of traditional health plans as charging you for an entire pie, whether you eat the whole thing or not. While self-funded plans only charge for the slices you eat. Self-funded plans cut through inflated health premiums and are built to meet your population’s needs. Additionally, to mitigate full-responsibility of financial risk against catastrophic claims, we also supply stop-loss insurance.
  • What is stop-loss insurance?
    Stop-loss insurance is a safety net to protect employers against outrageous claims costs when using a self-funding plan. There are two types of stop-loss insurance: Specific Stop-Loss — Coverage in case of catastrophic claims. This policy prevents any individual claim from exceeding an acceptable amount outlined in the healthcare plan, and limits financial exposure to any one individual. Aggregate Stop-Loss — Protects against a higher-than-average frequency of claims. Caps financial liability for the whole group if total claims exceed an agreed-upon amount.
  • How do brokers get involved?
    With Apta Health, broker partners seeking better options for their clients can: · Easily offer a self-funded program · Better serve customers with care coordination · Deliver a cost-saving health benefit plan · Stay innovative and relevant · Grow your business portfolios Contact us today to become a broker partner.
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