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Smiles per hour. That’s the cost of riding bikes. If you’ve ridden a bike, you’ve probably had the experience of traveling farther on two wheels compared to how far you would go on two feet. When you pedal forward you are multiplying the distance your feet can travel. For example, taking a step only gets you as far as your foot can reach, but a bicycle can coast along a flat surface with relatively little resistance to motion. Pretty cool and highly efficient.

In healthcare, we often don’t experience efficiency. In fact, it’s more like carrying around a weighted vest. Anyone who has gone through a procedure can tell you the extreme resistance to motion they have felt, from the unexpected claims to the inflated healthcare costs. Apta Cash is the most efficient vehicle you can use to cut your procedure costs and bypass the slow claims cycle. Apta Cash shops doctors and providers up-front and pays cash for services at a fraction of the price - with the potential to save up to 80% on your claim's costs.


Apta Cash is a cash-based payment program that pays for medical procedures either the day of the procedure or very soon after. It takes the historically muddled process of paying claims and breaks it down to make the payment model highly efficient. The traditional timeline of paying claims could take anywhere from 3-6 months. Frustrating to say the least.

It’s estimated that for every dollar spent in the healthcare industry, 25 cents is wasted in administrative costs. We solve this by negotiating cash payments for procedures with highly vetted and highly rated care providers before you get your care. Physicians love our program because they get paid up-front and don’t have to spend time on billing and dealing with insurance companies during a typical claims cycle.


Meet Ken.

Ken had both knees replaced. For his right knee, he had traditional health insurance. Then for his left knee, he had Apta Cash.

For Ken’s right knee, he went through what many of us have gone through after a procedure: a horrible payment experience.

Out-of-pocket he paid $3,000 and his plan also paid $30,000. If the $3,000 out of his savings account wasn’t a big enough blow, the claims process took 6 months before it was finalized.

When the time came for Ken to replace his left knee, his health plan changed, and he was fortunate to have Apta Cash. The provider was paid on the day of the procedure at a discounted price of $22,000. Because he used Apta Cash, Ken had $0 out-of-pocket, saving him $3,000 and the plan saved $8,000.

Ken went home to recover and had no unexpected or balance billing after he left the hospital. The process was highly efficient, with little resistance to motion and you can imagine the smile on his face from the savings. The plan was happy, the provider was happy, and Ken was happy!

Smiles per hour. That’s the cost you’ll feel when you get Apta Cash.

Within an industry that is known for its lack of transparency, Apta Cash is a solution that addresses inflated healthcare prices that benefit all stakeholders.

With Apta Cash you are no longer taking steps only as far as your feet can reach but moving forward with little resistance. Contact us today to upgrade your current Apta Health program or talk to a team member to see how to get started.

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