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Does switching to a cash-centric health plan seem intimidating to you? It was to me until I started using it. 

Cash Pay Testimonial
Apta Health's Cash Centric Program

After years on a fully insured health plan, the company I work for transitioned to a different way to pay for health insurance. Change is never easy. It can feel scary, but ditching our traditional health insurance plan was also really freeing and gives consumers and employers much more independence and empowerment in the health insurance world. Hear me out.  

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation’s survey in 2021, the average annual premium for employer-sponsored health insurance was over $7,000 for single coverage and over $21,000 for family coverage. The cost of fully insured health insurance has also been steadily rising over the years, posing financial challenges for both employers and their employees.  

Everyone is looking for more affordable healthcare as prices continue to rise. That’s why my employer decided to switch to a cash pay program from Apta Health. With a cash pay program, both employers and employees can save huge amounts of money by paying the health provider directly and eliminating the needs for co-pays, deductibles, and insurance paperwork. By bypassing these complex processes that traditional health insurance companies add to the equation, doctors can offer more affordable care, since they no longer need to pay the administrative fees associated with your visit. They’re paid much faster than if they had to deal with the claims process associated with most health insurance companies. Also, by paying in cash upfront at the time of your procedure, there is never any additional surprise billing. 

Besides being more affordable, our Apta Cash program is also accessible. The Apta Cash Concierge Team helps our employees and families find the best quality care at the best price and are super easy to reach via phone or email. They will negotiate prices with doctors on your behalf before your procedure, so everything is transparent and there are no surprises. Then you just show up to the appointment and pay with a preloaded debit card. It couldn’t be any easier! 

Our company also provides the option of using virtual health visits with doctors via phone or online. This is a great option for everyday things like colds, mental health, or consulting with a medical professional before beginning a weight loss plan. Virtual doctors are also able to prescribe certain medications which can then either be picked up at a local pharmacy or shipped directly to your home. Many of these medications are available to us at no cost! 

Overall, the experience has been wonderful, and even more convenient than I had imagined. You could say that I am not only a believer, but also a vocal proponent of cash pay. It's definitely a more affordable way to pay for healthcare. 

So, was I right to be scared about switching to a cash pay plan? Obviously, the fear of the unknown is always daunting, but with Apta Cash and a health concierge on my side, it’s as simple as walking into the doctor’s office and saying, “I’ll be paying for this appointment in cash”.  

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