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Plan sponsors face the same challenge every year at renewal. They want to provide competitive benefits for their employees, but rising healthcare costs make it extremely difficult to do so. They continually face the dreaded task of raising deductibles, cutting benefits, and increasing employee contributions just to keep their heads above water.

 Here are some of the challenges that lead to this cycle of continually rising costs.

 Our healthcare delivery system is confusing and healthcare consumers are left on their own to navigate the system with minimal resources and tools.

  • Research shows that 50% of healthcare consumers are confused, 24% of services are duplicated, and 61% of people self-refer and get it wrong – all of which lead to additional, unnecessary cost.

  • People do not trust insurance companies, and only 10% will ever bother to call or engage with a customer service representative.

  • Insurance company call centers spend less than 1.5 minutes on each call and are not equipped or empowered to help people navigate the system, nor do have the tools or clinical resources to provide the guidance people need at the time they need it.

  • Traditional programs try to engage members in clinical programs on average 100 days after a claim is processed – and often only after they hit a certain claims threshold. By then it is too late to impact their care.

Pretty daunting, isn’t it?

How can employers possibly offer richer benefits and at the same time continue to absorb these increases each year? Impossible you say? Well, they can!

There is a better way to manage this challenge. Apta Health has redesigned the employee benefit experience with a dedicated team of compassionate healthcare warriors. Care coordinators and clinical nurses are there for your employees and their families – armed with tools, information, and expert guidance at the precise moment when they need help. This helps to eliminate confusion and helps get the members to the right healthcare every time. Care Coordinators are trained to dig deep to find out as much information as possible and explore every possibility. It’s why Apta Health has one of the best Net Promoter Scores in the industry. We understand what our members are facing, and what they are going through. Our care coordination program has been providing members with amazing service for 22 years and we have the validated track record and savings to prove it.

By investing in a better platform, with member-focused navigation, customized point solutions, and transparent pharmacy arrangements, we can drive claims costs down to a sustainable level for years to come…without cutting benefits. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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