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Have you ever given much thought to how loud the sun might be? Or, how loud it actually is? I love reading about our cosmos. Black holes, exoplanets, gravitational waves, particle colliders… it all makes my mind race and expand (kind of like the universe [even if we can’t agree on how fast it’s happening!]). But most of all, I like to think about our small place in it all, tucked away on this blue marble in the midst of nothing and everything, all at once.

So… what does this have to do with delivering better healthcare? Trust me, I’ll get to that. Let’s get back to our insanely NOISY sun. We all know how bright our star is…

But, let’s shield our eyes and cup our ears towards our stellar boombox. Like a tree falling in an empty forest, it doesn’t seem to make a sound. But boy-oh-boy does it ever! In fact, according to this really cool articleI stumbled across in Discover Magazine (by Nathan Scharpling; 2/4/20), “The sun would be absolutely deafening.” In fact, according to sun scientist Craig DeForest, “Imagine 10,000 Earths covered in police sirens, all screaming.” Even 92 million miles away, the cacophony would be so assaulting as to have potentially altered our evolution!

So, why aren’t we all yelling at each other to be heard? Okay, granted: it’s an election year, and some of us are. But why aren’t we all struggling to try to have our voices heard over a thunderous ball of incessant nuclear explosions? Because, thanks to the vacuum of space, no sound waves are transmitted. To us, the sun is silent. Without a medium through which it can speak to us, all of that would-be roar simply dissolves into heat. That’s right. Despite it being the loudest thing for literal LIGHT YEARS around, we don’t hear a solitary decibel from our sun.

Okay, cool stuff, but… this is a blog entry about health insurance, right? Let’s bring it all together:

  • No matter how many years you have designing employee benefits programs…

  • No matter how up-to-speed you are on the latest, greatest, most efficient point solutions…

  • No matter how big, well-funded, and well-intentioned your practice is…


Without a medium that translates your explosive ideas into traction at the moment an employee is making a decision, you’re just another voice, yelling into the void.

That’s how Apta Health is changing the industry. We work with smart people, like you, to identify the best point solutions, then we deploy them in the context of Quantum Health’s pioneering, world-class care coordination approach to ensure those ideas actually come to life with employees and their families. Stop implementing the next new thing only to find out, a year later, that thousands upon thousands of dollars have been spent for virtually no utilization. Apta clients see their point solution utilization results increase by 200% because we’re working side-by-side with our members to unleash them in the exact context where they can be used most effectively.

Have your ideas be heard! Don’t just be as bright as the sun… be as loud as the sun. Apta Health can help.

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